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Monday, May 22, 2006

Knowledge Transfer Template

Today someone asked a question about the knowledge transfer template, one of my free project management templates.

"I received the word template you had sent. It is extremely helpful and I will be using it extensively.

As for my information, is this the only template that is out there for knowledge transfer. How would you organize the information that is being collected using this doc?"

My reply: "Yes, that is the only template out there for knowledge transfer. In terms of organizing the information, the template is intended to be a check list for you to think about what you may consider when conducting a knowledge transfer. Feel free to save the template as a different file name and add your own thoughts to it."

All of my project management templates are customizable and are there to jump start your efforts. The templates are a guideline that you may change as you decide what works best in your project environment.

I just added a new 'user interface' to my site to make accessing templates more 'user friendly'. I will add several new templates shortly!

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